The leading North American paint brand Benjamin Moore has revealed Metropolitan AF-690 as its highly anticipated Colour of the Year for 2019. And I for one, am not disappointed that it’s grey. Been there, done that you might say. But there’s no getting away from the fact that grey is still universally popular. Even better, it doesn’t require us to get our heads around another unexpected shade or combination of colours. It isn’t taxing in any way. And this particular shade of grey is so comforting, composed and effortlessly sophisticated. Also, unveiled alongside this particular colour is a corresponding palette of 15 harmonious hues that amplify the cultural significance of this enveloping shade. The latest Colour Trends from this particular paint manufacturer introduce a narrative of adaptability, balance and modest allure.

Benjamin Moore Paints canvassed the globe and drew inspiration from the arts, international architecture, textiles and home furnishings for this colour palette. The Colour Studio discovered that what people wanted was quiet. A silvery grey with cool undertones, it adapts effortlessly to its surroundings and for the first time has been presented in both an eggshell and semi-gloss finish. Exuding softness when matte or delivering an elegant shimmer with a sheen finish, Metropolitan reinvents the concept of grey with an easy going and flawlessly balanced neutral tone. I can see that’s going to be very popular as it will seamlessly meld into our lives, refresh our tired rooms and inject a feeling of timelessness.

Let’s Look Shall We?

WALLS: Metropolitan (AF-690), TRIM: Decorator’s White (OC-149), CABINET: Pashmina (AF-100).
WALLS: Metropolitan (AF-690), CABINETS: Hale Navy (HC-154).
WALLS: Metropolitan (AF-690), TRIM: Decorator’s White (OC-149), CABINET: Pashmina (AF-100).
WALLS: Metropolitan (AF-690), TRIM: Decorator’s White (OC-149).
WALLS: Metropolitan (AF-690).

Ranging from ethereal neutrals and slipper pinks to rich blues and greens, the 2019 colour palette illustrates the endless versatility of this neutral shade. Emphasizing the calming role grey plays in society, this collection of colours captures the sought-after feeling of calm and serenity in any home setting.

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